Jose Luis Toledano is a journalist and reporter from Madrid. In this book, he writes about different periods in the history of Mozambique. He has interviewed Spaniards that were involved in the country’s history, as well as Mozambicans who lived in Spain, or have links to Spain. A journalist specialising in conflicts, Jose Luis was an EFE agent in Mozambique. A former school reporter, he is at ease in depicting the human side of his interviewees. The book offers incredible revelations and thoughts, sometimes striking, and always touching.


Published by: AECID/ Fundacion Ibo

Texts: Jose Luis Toledano

Photography: Jose Luis Toledano, Reiner Bauer

Translation: Rosa Martinez-Alfaro

Editorial coordination: Carlos Perez Sanabria, Hector Cuesta Romero

Distribution: Ainoha/Pilar

First edition: May 2016