IBO_Jaume Riba

This work from Jaume Riba Sabate, in collaboration with Fundación IBO, is a compilation of the prestigious photographer’s breathtaking photographs of the foundation’s work in the island of Ibo. The book collects testimonies and images of all the local people involved in the Foundation’s projects. Through Riba’s sincere and tender eyes, we begin to understand the islanders’ lives.

The diversity of his portrait gallery is organized around a common element: a love for Mozambique. Mozambique has always been a generous and hospitable place to those who offering their work.


Publishers: Jaume Riba Sabate

Photography: Jaume Riba Sabate

Texts: Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Luis Alvarez, Jaume Riba, Luis Herrero, Isabel Martinez.

Graphic Design: Estudimorató SLSL

Pre-printing: Nilgráfic

Printed by: Syl Creaciones Gráfica Publicitaria, SA

First edition: June 2009