Monday 1 April 2019

Spain sends START Team to Mozambique

Before the first cases of cholera and other diseases caused by a poor water supply and a lack of hygeine infrastructure appear, aid organisations are working in areas affected by Cyclone Idai. A recent intervention has involved sending a START team to the city of Beira, made possible by Spanish aid efforts. The team will be running a field hospital which will respond to people’s healthcare needs.

Monday 1 April 2019

The association Africa Without Borders organises a food and resources collection point for Mozambique

In response to the alarming situation on Mozambique after Cyclone Idai, the association Africa Without Borders has organised a collection of food and resources to be sent to people affected by the disaster.

Collection point and meeting time 

NauBostik – Carrer Ferran Turné, 11, 08027 Barcelona

Collection times 11:00-19.00

• Non-perishable foods
– Rice
– Flour
– Sugar
– Cooking oil
– Tinned foods (please ensure they are within the use-by date)

• Other resources
– Clothes
– Shoes
– Blankets, sheets and quilts
– Mosquito nets
– Wellington boots, umbrellas, and waterproof clothing

• School materials
– Exercise books
– Pencils
– Pencil sharpeners
– Erasers

• Toiletries / Domestic equipment
– Soap
– Candles
– Lighters
– Water purification capsules (very important)
– Tents

• Medicines: those that contain instructions of use from the pharmacy

Tuesday 26th March 2019


These are the plans for Beira, the city destroyed by Cyclone Idai

The destruction of the Mozambique city demonstrated the urgency needed in investing in disaster management measures


Monday 25th March 2019


The lake created by Cyclone Idai, viewed from space

The storm has already killed over 600 people



Monday, 25th March 2019

Cyclone Idai reached Mozambique on the 14th March, causing huge damage and devastating large parts of the port city of Beira, one of the country’s main urban zones, in Sofala province. Initial assessments of the damages indicate that the floods have already killed hundreds of people, affecting over 600,000 people, who are now eprived of basic services and have lost their livelihoods. Help is urgently needed to avert catastrophic effects on health and security.

Humanitarian organisations in the area are carrying out emergency response operations, consisting mainly of reestablishing communications, and providing food, water and health services to people affected.

The Ibo Foundation has not been directly affected by Cyclone Idai on Ibo, but it stands in solidarity with those suffering its effects, and has offered to publicise the aid channels set up by the Red Cross for people to offer their support.

You can follow news on Cyclona Idai in Mozambique through our webpage.

If you would like to make a donation, follow this link to the Red Cross.

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