Monday 6th May 2019

Mozambique after the devastation 

Mozambique continues to suffer from the damage caused by Cyclone Idai. The situation remains critical fifty days after the devastation, and its effects are still being felt in the central region of the country.



On 25th April, tropical Cyclone Kenneth destroyed the coastal Cabo Delgado Province in the north, severely affecting several districts, including the island of Ibo.

Mozambique is suffering consequences of various natural disasters that have been sweeping the African continent. With Cyclone Idai completely destroying inland Mozambique in March, a new meteorological event has had a devastating impact on the coastal north.

This natural disaster has taken the lives of 38 individuals, as well as leaving over 168,000 homeless and completely exposed to the elements. People have lost access to a stable food supply, as well as education, sanitation and infrastructure. Communications, electric systems and transport links are no longer functioning, leaving the island completely cut off. On the island itself, over 80% of buildings have been affected, two people have died, and more than 3000 people now find themselves homeless, a situation which directly impacts their livelihoods.

Despite the meteorological forecast saying the cyclone has now passed through the region, heavy rains are expected, which will increase the flood risk. The population is also exposed to illnesses linked to a lack of drinking water, as well as those resulting from poor sanitation, which increases the likelihood of diseases such as malaria.

The cyclone’s effects on the IBO Foundation are not restricted to our socioeconomic development projects. Many of the buildings in which we carry out our major activities, such as the Trade School, the Plant Nursery, the Nutritional Support Centre, and the accommodation for staff and volunteers, have been destroyed. All staff still on the island are working to help residents regain a sense of stability.

Next steps

The IBO Foundation, having been committed to improving the lives of Ibo residents for the past 19 years, is setting out a new strategy that focuses on rebuilding and reorganization, as well as supporting individuals who have lost everything in the past few days, with the aim of stabilizing the situation for residents, activists and collaborators.

It is for this reason that we are sharing here the payment details for those willing to make a donation to support our work. Your money will go towards:

  • Guaranteeing our presence as the most significant organization on Ibo island, allowing us to help the individuals most affected by repairing their homes and reestablishing access to basic services. We will carry out our work alongside the local administration.
  • Rebuilding the social infrastructures managed by the IBO Foundation, so that we can continue all of our social development projects.
  • Helping rebuild public infrastructure, including health centers, schools, and water and sanitation systems alongside the local administration.

Your HELP at this time is essential.

Account Name: SOS-IBO.

IBAN. Number: ES3601824585580201524921


You can also help us spread the word on social media, using the hashtags #sosibo and #kenneth.



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