A notable year for the project, which saw it work with the OIKOS Institute and receive funding from the European Union. This year saw a high level of local participation in the Ibo Foundation’s comprehensive development plan.


The IBO Foundation focused on projects that promote gender equality, providing professional training, and sustainable tourism.


Consolidation of the work of the Ibo Nutritional Support Centre, managed by a local team.


The impact of our work is clearly visible, and is particularly reflected in the increase in employment and professional skills.


We completed building work on the Trade School and started providing courses in: mechanics, basic electrical engineering, computing…


One of the Ibo Foundation’s major initiatives, in collaboration with other institutions, was the inauguration of the Nutritional Center (CANI).


The main objective of this project was to supply the population with accesible drinking water whilst also reducing incidences of common illnesses.


Malnutrition is one of the most pressing health problems in Mozambique, with 44% of deaths in children under five being related to malnutrition.


The situation of the few elders in this developing country is very precarious. Such conditions lead to a poor quality of life, abandonment, etc.