Water and Sanitation

Inadequate water management and plumbing systems, along with poor hygiene and a lack of access to drinking water increase poverty levels on the island.

We work to reduce the rate of diseases caused by dirty water, the result of a lack of adequate infrastructure or its improper use.

The work of the organisation in this area is focused on the following activities: creating water storage facilities, renovation and maintenance work on existing wells, running hygiene awareness campaigns, and creating local committees that focus on water management.

Thanks to the numerous water purification projects we have carried out, there are 70 functioning wells on Ibo, many of them built completely from scratch. We continue with our well construction and maintenance project. 

In the Ibo District, these projects have been particularly complicated due to certain characteristics of the island’s subsoil, and its fresh water aquifers.

It is for this reason that we have been carrying out more awareness campaigns to promote the involvement of the local population in the course of the project.

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