Professional Training

In the field of vocational training, we have two key initiatives:

The Ibo Trade School (Escuela Oficios de Ibo – EOI) is a project we have created to catalyse development in the Ibo district. We provide training that is focused on improving young people’s employabilty, and offer training in hospitality, entrepreneurship, electrical engineering, information technology, and mechanics).

This school began its activities in 2012 and was effectively approved by the Mozambique Institute for Employment and Professional Training Mozambique (INEFP). In the past year the school has had more than 130 students enrolled in the different courses it offers.

Alongside this project, the Carpentry School / Workshop has become our first 100% self-sustainable project (generating enough income to cover expenses) and has a local staff of 40 people.

The workers and apprentices contribute to the island’s economic activity. Each year, 10 new carpenters complete their training, and they continue to work closely with the school offering teaching support.

The Taller de Carpintería School (carpentry workshop) was born in 2004 to support unemployed young people, most of whom are illiterate and had little means to make a living on the island. The school introduced them into the labor market and recovered a trade traditionally practised on the island. In addition to this, the project led to the restoration of a beautiful building that was in ruins.

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