The IBO Foundation believes that businesses are capable of driving real social change. 

By partnering with the IBO Foundation, your business will share our common goal: supporting the most disadvantaged people in Ibo, giving them the necessary tools allowing them to make changes to their own lives and communities. 


Fund a project

Businesses collaborate on development projects, optimising material resources, skills and support workers in order to maximise the effects of our initiatives.

Specific campaigns

Businesses can actively particpate in the sharing the aims of the IBO Foundation, becoming a key player in mobilising people and resources.

Social marketing

The business offers a series of products and/or services to its clients and suppliers, who are then linked to the IBO Foundation and see the benefits in their organsation.

Employee participation

The agreement between the business and the IBO Foundation involves the former’s employees. We offer employees the opportunity to participate as part of the social engagement area of the business.


We mention the business on our communications materials and social networks.

Inclusion in the IBO Foundation’s annual report for members and collaborators.

Mentions on the various press releases and newsletters that we send to our partners.

Improving the corporate reputation of the business on a national and international level.


Each year before the IRPP’s presentation period, all companies that collaborate with us receive a tax certificate with the contributions they have made to the IBO Foundation during the year.
For donations and financial contributions, or in-kind donations (quantified in its accounting value), companies can deduct up to 35% in full corporate tax, with a limit of 10% of the taxable base.

For the self-employed, there is a tax deduction percentage is up to 25% of the IRPF on donations.

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