What were your reasons for volunteering?

I wanted to be a volunteer after learning about the internal workings of an NGO focused on sustainable, local development. I have experience in art and agriculture, and I would like to direct my skills towards implementing positive change. My desire is to create solutions to change the world. I want to learn and experience first hand how to respond to these challenges, and, more specifically, what I can do to help.

Why did you choose the Ibo Foundation to do your volunteer work for?

Through other people, I got to know the IBO Foundation and as I deepened my knowledge about it, I was attracted to its values and projects. I also like to volunteer at the headquarters in Barcelona, and I would also like to be able to work on the ground too (in Ibo). I believe that this is a great opportunity to learn from both sides of the foundation and to know how the headquarters and on the ground staff are interconnected.

What tasks did you undertake as a volunteer for the IBO Foundation?

I am currently translating the website from Spanish into English so that the Foundation has greater international reach. This work has also been useful for me in learning more about the goals of the foundation and better understanding Ibo’s situation. I hope that my contribution in making the website accessible in English will promote greater international collaboration with other organizations.

What has stood out to you about this experience with the IBO Foundation?

I have only been in the foundation for three weeks, but I have already learned many aspects of development cooperation and the operation of a foundation. I am particularly interested in the different projects that are being carried out in Ibo, and the way in which they interrelate.

What improvements do you think you bring to the Foundation as a volunteer?

I believe that the work of Fundación IBO is essential for the sustainable development of the local population, and I have had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the various ways in which the Foundation promotes positive changes.

I am particularly interested in promoting food security and agriculture. I believe that farmers not only have the seeds for change, but they are often the seeds of change. I would very much like to incorporate sustainable agricultural techniques and methodologies to improve crop yields and the livelihood of the people of Ibo. I think this is an important step in eradicating poverty. This could include access to better seeds, organic fertilizers, irrigation systems, storage management, harvest techniques, crop varieties, market creation, etc.

Would you like to stay linked to the IBO Foundaton when you have finished your volunteer work?

Yes of course! I would really like to continue working with the Foundation to see how the projects develop on the island, and I really hope to be able to do my bit to help soon.

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