What made you want to volunteer?

I’ve always wanted to help people and learn from it, especially in sectors that interest me, such as cooking. I was also motivated to learn about a completely new culture.

Why did you choose to volunteer with the IBO Foundation?

It was through my former teacher, Ana Rodríguez, chef and manager at Mwani House, and it was also a chance to work in a foundation that specialised in a concrete region.

Describe your volunteering project at the IBO Foundation.

I carry out an equal number of theory and practical cooking clases with the IBO Foundation, with 26 students.

On behalf of Mwani House, I carry out the university’s mandatory practicals in creating dishes, as well as learning about restaurant management.

How do you think you’ve contributed to the Ibo community?

Theory and practical skills aside, a different way of working and a very different culture, which may be a enriching for them as their’s is for me.

As a volunteer on the ground, how would you describe the role of the IBO Foundation and how o you think that residents benefit?

The IBO Foundation is excellent and has a very valuable role on the island, from the CANI to the Trade School.

Of all the time you’ve spent on the island, is there one memory that you’ll cherish forever?

I’ll remember all the time I’ve spent on the island very fondly, but a memory that particularly stands out was the farewell meal we had for everyone who’d been working with us.

Although sad, it was a really lovely moment, and being together in one place will always remain a special memory.



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