Fundación IBO es una fundación independiente, gobernada por un grupo de profesionales en el campo de la empresa privada y la administración pública:



Luis Álvarez [Presidente]

Licenciado en derecho y post-grado por IESE Business School, ha desarrollado su carrera profesional en el sector de la gestión de patrimonios en Barcelona, Madrid, Nueva York y Miami.

Juan José Planes [Vicepresident]

Planes studied Psychology and Engineering before attending the IESE Business School, and manages a Human Resources consultancy.

Pedro Galatas

Galatas studied Economics at the University of Notre Dame, before completing his postgraduate studies at the IESE Business School and Singularity University. He has pursued a career as an entrepreneur and manager in the IT sector in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

Gonzalo Alonso

Alonso studied Material Engineering at the Universidad de Simon Bolívar, before completing his postgraduate at IESA in Caracas, Venezuela. He has been President of Activalores (Venezuela’s leading investment bank).

Luis Osés

After studying economics, Osés attended IESE Business School. He is an advisor in a capital-risk company. He was previously the Director General of a Dutch multinational that sold chemical products (1978-2006).

Raymundo Del Castillo

Del Castillo studied Psychology before attending the IESE Business School. He is an investor in education, health and real estate in Mexico, Miami and New York.

José Manuel Veiga

Veiga has collaborated with the IBO Foundation from the very beginning. Entrepreneur in the Hospitality and Restaurant sector, he studied Hotel Management at EADA and at Glion Hospitality Management School in Switzerland.

Ricardo de Manuel Rocamora

With a degree in Business Management and Administration, Ricardo has developed his professional career around asset management. Currently he is a founding member of a financial consulting company, advisor to various investment institutions, as well as advisor to a venture capital fund.

Luis Pastor [Secretary – not a Trustee]

Pastor trained as a lawyer and has a Masters in Commerce and International Legislation and completed his postgraduate studies at the IESE Business School. He is the founding partner of a law firm.


Rafael Gómez

A chemical engineer before attending the IESE Business School, he has been a manger in the tanning industry, and President of the International Tanning Association.

Luis Ventos

Ventós is a painter and sculptor. As well as his paintings, he has edited graphic artwork, and perfume and jewellery packaging, amongst other projects. In sculpture, he has worked with a wide range of materials, as well as with collage. His work has featured alongside that of other artists as well as in individual exhibitions in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Cadaqués, Florence, and Andorra la Vella.


Daniel Pelufo

Pelufo studied law before attending ESADE, where he studied International Co-operation in the Development and Management of Social Organisations. He has wide-ranging professional experience in community-based socioeconomic development, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. He is passionate about travel and the discovery of new forms of social innovation that can improve people’s living conditions. After a period of in Ibo, he took on the challenge of contributing to the management of the organisation from Barcelona.

Anahita Nassir

Nassir has a degree in Political Science and a PhD in International Relations from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. She has more than 14 years of experience in the organisation of activities and team and project coordination, in multidiscipline and multicultural contexts. She has worked in public institutions and in consultancies, and currently works in the administrative and financial departments of the IBO Foundation.

Sandra García Ramón

With a degree in Naval Engineering and a masters in Project Management, García Ramón has significant experience in international development, and has lived in Brazil for several years. She currently works as a technical project advisor at Foundation IBO, where she can deploy and develop her skills.


Jorge Marín

A carpenter with 40 years of experience, Marín is responsible for the carpentry training workshop in Ibo.

Narcís Vilahur

Managing the carpentry workshop in Ibo, Narcís is a carpenter with many years of experience in the construction industry.


Pere Guardiola Tey

Trained in law, Guardiola Tey studied the Senior Management Programme (PADE) at the IESE. He brings his 40 years of experience in the finance sector to the Foundation. Over the past two decades, he has had various responsibilities at CaixaBank as Director of Institutional Relations.

Josep Bassal

Musician. A distinguished and well-known cellist, Bassal organised the Begur International Music Festival and a cycle of musical evenings in unique venues. He is a member of the Gerona Arts Advisory Board.

Jaume Riba

Riba is a photographer who has contributed to various magazines such as Geo, Rutas del Mundo and Altair. He has published photography books on landscapes and people. The work ‘IBO’ is dedicated to the island and our foundation.

Joan Alemany

Alemany has a doctorate in Economics and is a professor of Economic Politics at the University of Barcelona. He has worked in South America and Africa. He wrote the 2004 Ibo Development Plan and the Foundation’s 2010 Strategic Plan.

Mercé Solernou

Chef and entrepreneur, Solernou owns the catering business Mercès.

Mª Eugenia Vilella Nebot

A nutritionist who specialises in developing countries, Nebot has experience in nutritional campaigns in Mozambique. She is a driving force behind the Ibo Centre for Child Nutrition.

Isabel Martínez

Martínez is a lawyer who lives in Mozambique. She was responsible for carrying out the Foundation’s projects between 2005-2013. She is pursuing a career in legal and fiscal counsel, and international commerce.


Luis Herrero

A quantity surveyor, Herrero coordinates infrastructure and logistical projects, and directs building work operations in Ibo. He has led works on various construction projects.

Javier Claver

Claver completed his undergraduate degree at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid before his postgraduate studies in NGO Management at ESADE. He was the co-founder of a training consultancy, previously part of a multinational company. He is currently a partner in the consultancy PonerOrden, specialising in the services sector.


Isabel Seebold 

Seebold has a degree in Spanish Literature from the Universidad Complutence de Madrid, and a Masters in Cooperation in Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Aid from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid. She has worked on the ground and in an advisory capacity in the aid sector. She is also trained in ecological agriculture, and since 2013 has been growing and studying the plants used in fabric dyes. She is currently developing a plant nursery in Ibo.

Yolanda Pérez

Pérez is a biologist with experience in project management in biomedical research. She is currently exploring how to implement societal change, and cooperative and creative entrepreneurship.

Ina Color

A self-taught Catalan painter and sculptor, Color has experience in a variety of techniques: oils, acrylics, charcoals, pastels, India ink, marker pens, watercolours, and collage. She has exhibited in Spain, Japan and China. She collaborates with the IBO foundation on various artistic and creative projects. She has taught pupils how to develop self esteem and allow their artistic gifts to flourish.

Juan Quevedo

A registered nurse with over ten years’ experience in different countries and environments, Quevedo also has a Masters in International Health and Cooperation from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. With a focus on global health, he is helping the Ibo Nutritional Support Centre (CANI) with nutritional assessments, in order to improve the strategy against child malnutrition in the region.

Emma López

A singer and composer trained in the Gerona Modern Music School, in 2012 she entered the music industry in order to collaborate professionally with national and international artists. Since 2016, she has worked as a volunteer with the IBO Foundation. In 2018, she created a youth choir with the aim of promoting cultural activities amongst the region’s young people through learning songs and singing techniques.

Anabel del Canto

Sculptor and enameller, she is devoted to teaching both children and adults. She loves teaching and making a contribution to the creation of future artisans and artists. Her involvement in the Ibo gender equalities programme has contributed to the professional training and empowerment of women in vulnerable situations, directly relating their experience gender violence and discrimination.

Carlos Conejo

A lawyer by trade and major rugby fan, whose principles in daily life explain his success in achieving his goals. In Ibo, he is currently focusing on a sports project: la Escola de Rugby da Ilha do Ibo, which aims to encourage the personal development of children and young people on the island through rugby. It promotes values such as compromise, respect and companionship, essential to personal and social growth.


María José Vallellano Domínguez

Vallellano Domínguez has a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Córdoba and a Masters in International Development from the EOI-School of Industrial Organisation. She has over ten years of experience in development and educational projects, initially based in Spain before working ‘on the ground’. After spending two years helping to implement a support initiative for a women’s association in the Dominican Republic, she arrived in Mozambique, specifically to the island of Ibo, to help plan a water and sanitation initiative for the Ibo Foundation. She lives in Pemba, Mozambique, where she is working on a project preventing forced marriage and teenage pregnancy.

María José Moniz

Having studied architecture, María José Moniz has been gaining experience by working with different teams on projects across different sectors and cultures. After falling in love with Mozambique in 2013, she is committed to developing her professional career in the country. She has been working with the Ibo Foundation since 2016.