The IBO Foundation was founded by a group of professionals and businesspeople who were acutely aware of the realities of the situation in Africa and the inequalities that exist on the continent. We started our international activities in 2002 and became a Registered Charity in 2005.

The IBO Foundation works to implement a socioeconomic development model that is both sustainable and reproducible across the Ibo district, through business-focussed project management in various areas, including: health, training and employability, sustainable tourism, promotion of economic activities, and gender equality. Uniquely, the Foundation advocates the management skills gained through private enterprise, both in the development and implementation of its projects.

The IBO Foundation’s vision is to help strengthen the socioeconomic fabric of the Ibo District, contributing to the area’s development in a thorough and inclusive way. The sustainability of the resources we use is always considered.

From our head office in Barcelona, we carry out our objectives of the socioeconomic transformation of the Ibo region, taking into account the social and cultural customs of the area, and prioritising the personal development of the individuals we work with.

During these years, the IBO Foundation has been consolidating its values by promoting events that involve the local community, volunteers, promoting gender equality, and the protection of the environment. The sustainability of our actions is always carefully considered.


The backbone of the IBO Foundation is the aim of making the region sustainable in the long term. All of our initiatives promote this philosophy.
An understanding of the factors directly affecting people in the region is fundamental in the advancement of social integration, and contributes significantly to the sustainability of our projects.
Consideration of the social and cultural customs in each area is therefore central to the IBO Foundation and is its major strength.
Communicating with community organisations not only ensures sustainability on an institutional level, but also means that the project can be adjusted to local customs. Our plans encompass all phases of a project’s execution, from its inception to its future accountability. The IBO Foundation is committed to strengthening and respecting these communication channels.

Synergy of projects
The IBO Foundation advocates comprehensive development, which is made possible through a strategy that takes a holistic approach to each individual, taking into account their family relationships and socioeconomic situation.
It is for this reason that the IBO Foundation has created, over many years, connections between projects, so that all the areas and projects reinforce and enrich each other. In this way, the topic of a sustainable food supply is connected to that of gender equality and employability, for example.
This ‘synergistic’ approach is a key strength of the IBO Foundation, because it maximises each project´s impact, efficiency, effectiveness, and, crucially, its sustainability.

All IBO Foundation projects have three phases:

• Definition of objectives
• Implementation
• Assessment of results